agencia traduccion barcelona, agencia traduccion madrid
agencia traduccion barcelona, agencia traduccion madrid

Translation of websites, blogs, multimedia applications and software

Do you need to translate a website so that the texts, images and SEO adapt to the characteristics of the country and markets you want to target?

From our offices in Barcelona and Madrid we offer you specialised website translation services from Spanish into English, or any other combination, which are highly valued by dozens of clients.

We have extensive experience in this type of translation for Spanish and foreign companies of different industries and sizes that entrust us with the translation of their websites, blogs, newsletters, intranets, iPhone and Android apps, as well as software localisation (CRM, ECR and ERP).

Having worked with thousands of companies, we know how important the best website translations are for conveying a good corporate image, attracting new customers, positioning yourself well on the internet and helping to boost national and international expansion.

traduccion paginas web, traducciones paginas web

One of the best agencies for website translations

We have dozens of testimonials and opinions from satisfied clients who publicly recommend us on Google and rate us as one of the best translation companies in Madrid and Barcelona.

Among the most frequently repeated attributes, the following stand out: thoroughness, quality control, short response and turnaround times, adaptability, good prices, friendly and quality customer service.

Mabrouka ElwaarMabrouka Elwaar
13:54 01 Apr 24
I am grateful to you for this work
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Excellent service and customer care.
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18:36 29 Feb 24
I would highlight both the treatment and the speed.
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Everything perfect, excellent service and very fast. I will definitely return when I need to.
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08:54 23 Jan 24
Very responsive company and super quick at an affordable price. I would highly reccommend.
Rosa Maria GomesRosa Maria Gomes
15:53 04 May 23
I highly recommend Planet Lingua for its commitment with quality and client satisfaction. Having worked for Planet Lingua as a freelancer for many years, I really feel part of a strong team whose mission is to put clients in communication with the world.
Tamara VysharTamara Vyshar
12:06 20 Feb 23
I’ve had a seamless experience with Planet Lingua with a legal translation of documents, fast and very professional, great at communicating and following-up, 100% recommend!
Rodrigo PeriottoRodrigo Periotto
07:55 31 Jan 23
I highly recommend their services. Not only provided an excellent service but also understood my needs and tailored the solution. Thank you very much.
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11:33 20 Dec 22
Nice job guys! Thanks a lot!
humayun bhai Happyhumayun bhai Happy
13:22 05 Jan 22
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12:58 23 Feb 21
Working with Planet Lingua is always a pleasure. They are a really professional tram with an extremely kind attitude. I would strongly recommend their services
Paula HeatonPaula Heaton
10:05 22 Feb 21
Having worked for Planet Lingua for many years, I have nothing but praise for all those who work there, and I hope our relationship continues for many years to come. An extremely professional team dedicated to ensuring the absolute best for its clients.
Vladyslav DoroshetsVladyslav Doroshets
07:07 17 Feb 24
Conozco a Planet Lingua como colaboradora y puedo afirmar que tanto Mauro como Ariana son muy buenos profesionales, atentos, competentes y amables. Ha sido un placer colaborar con ellos.
Lluís SarabiaLluís Sarabia
11:31 11 Feb 22
Conocí a Planet Lingua hace unos años y su servicio siempre fue impecable, rápido, eficaz y de calidad. Hace unos meses que comencé mi relación laboral con una nueva compañía y no lo dudé ni un segundo. En cuanto necesitamos un servicio de traducción, contacté de nuevo con Planet Lingua. Debo decir que no es la única agencia de traducción con la que he trabajado, pero sí la mejor. Por precio, por la calidad de sus traducciones y por su trato personal. Lo recomendaría siempre.
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Hace varios años que trabajamos con Planet Lingua y se ha convertido en un colaborador indispensable para nuestras necesidades de traducción. Rápidos, profesionales y proactivos. Sin duda los recomendamos.
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06:03 21 Jul 21
Siempre que he acudido a Planet Lingua, para traducir documentos profesionales, han superado mis expectativas, tanto por tiempo de respuesta, por predisposición a solucionar imprevistos, por seriedad, por atención, y por una excelente relación calidad precio. Las veces que les he recomendado el feedback siempre ha sido muy bueno. Gracias a todo el equipo!!!!
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Gran experiencia con PlanetLingua. Nos enviaron presupuesto enseguida, la calidad de la traducción fue muy buena y una ayuda de cara a nuestra oferta comercial, el cumplimiento de los plazos fue en línea con lo presupuestado.Otras personas a las que recomendé su contacto me transmitieron lo mismo.Esperamos poder volver a trabajar con ellos muy pronto!!

What type of website do we translate?

There are different types of websites and applications according to their purpose and how they have been created. We translate a wide range of them, regardless of their volume, language or the platform on which they have been created.

What website size do we translate?

You can ask us to translate websites of all sizes, from microsites, websites with hundreds of thousands of words translated into several languages and portals to online stores with thousands of references.

Our workflow and deadlines are adapted to the volume of each translation, hence size is never an issue.

What website languages do we translate?

We have the technological resources to translate websites and applications of all formats and languages, from static websites programmed with HTML code to dynamic websites and software with complex XML, PHP, JavaScript, etc. coding.

Which website content managers do we translate?

If your website is designed in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Wix or any other content management system, you rely on us for its translation, as we work with the translation managers of all these platforms.

We also have extensive experience working with the quintessential WordPress translation management plugin, WPML, and, if needed, we can help you export the files for translation and implement the translations directly on the website.

Translation of websites into different languages

Depending on your international marketing strategy, you may need to translate your website into English, European languages such as German or Portuguese, or Asian languages like Japanese, among many other options.

You may also want to reach a larger audience in Spain and, to do so, you may decide to translate your website into Spanish, Catalan, Basque or Galician, for example.

Whichever combination you need, we have a large team of local translators to carry out any project. Here are some examples.

Traducciones Audiovisuales barcelona, traducciones audiovisuales madrid

English is the world’s most widely spoken language and the first choice when it comes to doing business and reaching a wide audience.

Thus, translating a website into English is a key to success if you are looking to extend the reach of your company or organisation. Thus, your content will not only reach the English-speaking audience, but also all the people that speak English as a second language.

As English is a great language for international expansion, it is key to use local, trained and experienced translators. Otherwise, a poor translation or one that is based on automatic translation can have a negative impact on the image and prestige of your company.

We offer you local English translators specialising in the translation of websites, with whom we guarantee the best results.

Although translating websites into English allows you to reach the largest audience worldwide, even people with another mother tongue, clients and target audiences often feel much more comfortable when the contents are rendered in their mother tongue.

If you want to introduce your products or services to Germany with the utmost reliability and the best results, there is no better option than translating your website into German.

On the other hand, German is strongly defined by its grammatical features, vocabulary and expressions, so that a poor translation or the result of an automatic translation process will be easily recognisable and your business may backfire.

It is essential to rely on local German translators, who will translate your website content with the utmost accuracy and precision. We boast a team of professionals with years of experience and specific training.

French is the official language of almost thirty countries, including economic and cultural powers such as Canada, Belgium or France, our neighbouring country, so translating your website or software into French is a very good strategy, if you want to boost those markets.

Thus, if you want your content to reach a French-speaking audience, ask us to translate your website into French.

We offer you a large team of local French translators specialising in localising and translating websites and software into French, so that your digital content is adapted to this language with the utmost precision and accuracy. Thus, you will be able to ensure that your company or organisation crosses borders with the appropriate quality.

If you are looking to expand your business throughout Spain and strengthen certain niche markets, there is nothing like translating your digital content into the different co-official languages of Spain.

An excellent example is the translation of websites and iOS or iPhone applications into Catalan, which is the perfect strategy to consolidate the presence of your company or organisation in Catalonia.

Do not be fooled by the similarity and influence between Spanish and Catalan, as entrusting non-professionals or inexperienced people (or even machine translation) with the translation of your website into Catalan will result in poor text with many deficiencies, which will cause great harm to your corporate image and lead to poor results for your business strategy.

We boast local Catalan translators with extensive experience and thorough training in the translation of websites and software, so that your digital content is translated into Catalan with unbeatable precision.

How much does it cost to translate a website?

There are several factors that make up the price of a website translation and we take into account when preparing a quote:

  • Word count
  • Language pair
  • Subject matter
  • Additional services

However, we offer standard rates per word, which you can check in our “Languages and prices” section.

For example, translating a website from Spanish into English has a standard cost of €0.07 per word, while translating a website into French has a price of €0.10 per word.

precio traducciones tecnicas
precio traducciones juridicas

Website translation prices

The text volume, the languages to be translated, the field of expertise and additional services play a crucial role when it comes to drawing up a website translation quote.

The translation of a website from Spanish into English will not cost the same as from Portuguese to German, as the word rate varies depending on the language pair.

On the other hand, you also have to take into account whether you want to translate your website into one or more languages.

You may also need additional services, such as exporting your website text to a translatable format, localisation engineering or having us implement the translation directly on your website.

Lastly, unlike other translation agencies, we do not apply urgency surcharges, should you need to have your translation done within a tighter deadline.

Discounts for website translations

Calculating a quote is not just a matter of multiplying the language pair rate by the word count and adding the extra costs, as we also apply appealing discounts to help you make the biggest savings on your website translation.

Each website translation project has unique features that have an impact on the price, and, in many cases, we can apply discounts to suit your needs and your budget.

For example, a project that involves the translation of a large volume of text or contains repetitions throughout the website may lend itself to an appealing discount.

When you contact our team of project managers, we will take into account all the information you provide us with in order to prepare a customised, competitive quote.

Advantages of translating a website into several languages

Translating your website or software into another language is a foolproof strategy for reaching a larger audience and considerably increasing your chances of business success.

We have talked about translating websites into specific languages and the advantages of doing so depending on your expansion strategy, but it is also essential to look at the impetus and benefits of a multilingual translation of your digital content.

Translating a website into English, French, German, Italian and more languages means reaching a wider target audience, who will feel more identified with your offer. Thus, you will convey greater confidence to consumers, as they will be able to read your content in their native language.

Moreover, a website which has been translated into several languages enhances the image of any company, providing it with greater reliability and credibility as an organisation operating worldwide.

On the other hand, a website which has been translated into several languages will achieve better positioning in search engines, which will result in more visits and a higher turnover.

traducción e-commerce

Increased business success

Increased trust

traduccion paginas web



Better standing

Which companies and sectors do we translate websites for?

The digital environment has become the main communication channel worldwide, which is why companies, organisations, initiatives and professionals from all sectors currently want to have a website to showcase their contents.

Therefore, any translation agency worth its salt must be prepared to translate websites and software on any topic and in any sector.

Thanks to our large team of professional, specialised local translators and our extensive experience in website translation, we have had the opportunity to translate websites and software of all kinds over the years, a task that continues to be part of our daily work.

Here are some examples.

mejor agencia traduccion madrid, mejor agencia traduccion barcelona

The hospitality sector is one of the sectors where we boast extensive experience in website translation, which is based on the trust of a large portfolio of clients,

one of which is the Derby Hoteles hotel chain, which we work with on a regular basis. A particularly noteworthy project we carried out for this client was the translation of their website into four languages in record time: 350,000 words in a matter of a month.

Another interesting project consisted in translating the website of a luxury hotel in Barcelona into eight languages.

We also have extensive experience in translating websites in the technology industry. One notable case is our collaboration with Datasite, the cloud-based technology solutions company for mergers and acquisitions.

We regularly work with this client to keep all the contents of their website translated from English into Spanish. To do so, we use local translators specialising in financial, technological and marketing translation, which requires a high level of professionalism.

Another example of the wide variety of sectors and subject areas in which we translate websites is e-commerce, a trade form more and more companies are turning to.

We translate the online shops of several companies, including the large distributor of leisure and fitness products, Kovyx, whose website and range of products we have translated from English into Spanish and Portuguese.

The translation of this website involves managing large volumes of words within tight deadlines, as this company features a huge product catalogue.

What is more, we work with local translators who specialise in website translation and marketing to provide our clients with an unbeatable result.

In addition to the above, in this blog we report countless success stories of website translations for industrial and pharmaceutical companies, flagship companies in Barcelona, leading companies in different sectors, start-ups and even restaurants.

The best website translators

We offer you an established team of translators in Barcelona and Madrid, and their respective countries of origin, with extensive expertise in the management and translation of websites, thanks to whom you will enjoy a unique experience with unparalleled results.

We also boast an extensive team of project managers who are in charge of meeting all our clients’ requests and preparing quotes tailored to each case.

Our managers specialise in website content management, so they will be able to help you draw up the translation strategy for your website, regardless of the platform you are working with or the languages you want to translate it into.

Furthermore, our managers coordinate with a technical team featuring web programming skills to solve any type of doubt or issue.

The linguistic team, which is in charge of carrying out the translations, is made up of an extensive pool of local translators in the different languages we work with, always with the necessary academic background and vast experience.

As we boast such a large pool, we are always available to carry out orders of any size.

Thanks to the great professionalism and dedication of our teams, as well as the stringent quality procedures we implement, our clients rate us highly on Google: 5 and 4.9 out of 5 stars for our Madrid and Barcelona offices, respectively.

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How do we translate websites?

We follow stringent procedures for translating websites, as defined in the most demanding quality standards, to guarantee an accurate result:

Receipt of the material: first of all, we receive your request to translate your website into the languages you need. You can communicate this by phone or e-mail; a project manager will be in charge of assisting and advising you until the project is completed.

Preparation of the quote: We will analyse your website, the files to be translated, the text’s wordcount and the subject matter to offer you a customised quote according to your specifications.

We will also suggest our best deadline or, if you need to have the website translated by a specific date, we will meet your needs.

Assignment to the linguistic team: Our managers will be in charge of assigning the translation project to a linguistic team, which will always be made up of local translators with academic training and experience, as well as specialising in website translation and in the subject matter of your site.

pasos para traducir un ecommerce, como traducir una tienda online

Website translation: During the translation process, our linguists apply utmost care and the highest quality standards to ensure the best result.

The translators are in contact with our team of project managers at all times to ensure that all the project details and features are duly attended to.

Translation revision: a second linguist thoroughly checks the translation to ensure top quality.

6. Translation delivery: We finally deliver the translated material on time. If you need help implementing the content on your website, we can take care of that as well.

What do you need before requesting the translation of your website?

Before you ask us to translate your website, there are a number of things you need to consider. Our managers will guide you if you need to provide us with any file or data.

  • Files to be translated: First of all, it is essential to study the method according to which you prefer to translate your website. Some clients want to export the content in XML, CSV, XLIFF or other files automatically through their website’s content management system; others prefer to simply copy the text from the website into Word documents to be implemented manually once translated. In other cases, they simply send us the link to the website for us to manage the text export. Whatever your case may be, we will help you draw up the most suitable strategy for translating your website.
  • Language pair: Which languages do you want to translate your website into? Tell us your strategy in detail so that we can provide you with an accurate quote.
  • Deadline: Let us know if you need the website translation by a specific date, so that we can assess the strategy to follow and have the translation ready within the specified deadline.
  • Additional services: Do you need any additional service? If you need technical assistance to implement the translated content on your platform or website, do not hesitate to ask us. We will help you with everything you need.
traducciones para marketing

What mistakes should you avoid when translating a website?

Websites are a company’s and organisation’s showcase for their target audience, the window through which their image and reputation are drawn, as well as a tool for international expansion and success.

It is therefore essential to avoid mistakes that have negative consequences for your company’s reputation and operation.

Some of the most common mistakes when translating websites are as follows:

  • Editing code that should not be edited, which causes technical failures in the website’s operation.
  • Incorrect translation of elements, such as keywords or SEO strings, which will harm the positioning of your website in search engines.
  • Insufficient linguistic quality caused by the use of non-professional translators or machine translation tools, which will harm your company’s image and customer trust.

We follow the most demanding and stringent quality procedures to ensure perfect results, without mistakes that could harm your company’s or organisation’s objectives.

Additional website translation services

In addition to translating the website itself, there is a wide range of additional services that you may require to translate your digital contents:

Reviewing the original text of the website to be translated

If the original text includes major language mistakes, the corporate image is seriously damaged and can kill a great campaign for the launch of a new website.

In order to save company costs, we offer the service of proofreading original texts. Thus, we ensure the flawlessness of both the original text and the translation.

Inserting the translated website text directly in your target medium

If implementing the translation on your website is a problem for you, we offer you the possibility of inserting the new texts directly in the website via the content management system.

Thus, we guarantee that the text implementation task is carried out by someone who is fluent in the language of this content, which is an easy way to avoid possible mistakes.

Translation of apps for Android or iPhone

In addition to a website, your company or organisation may also have an application for mobile devices. If this is your case, you can rely on us to translate your apps, as we have the technological resources and specialised professionals to carry out this type of project.

Translation of blogs and blog posts

You can also turn to us if you want to keep your blog posts updated and translated into different languages.

We are experienced in the regular translation of articles, both small and large in terms of wordcount, so that our clients’ blogs are always up to date in all the languages they need.

Newsletter translation

Your company’s digital marketing strategy may include the dissemination of newsletters to customers, subscribers, suppliers and employees.

If so, it is advisable to have your newsletters translated into all the languages of your website or of the countries you need, in order to get as close as possible to your target audience and ensure your success.

A website’s SEO translation

A good digital marketing strategy should include a website’s SEO translation. It is just as important to translate the content your audience will see up front as it is to translate all the elements that will make it visible to your audience.

By translating the SEO elements of your website into the different languages available, you will effectively position your website in search engines worldwide and multiply your chances of success.

Translation of texts for Google Ads and social media posts

An essential part of any international business expansion strategy involves running Google Ads and building a strong social media presence.

If you want your content to reach audiences in other countries, you need to go beyond translating your website. Thus, accurately translating your ads and social media posts is essential to multiply your reach and enter new markets.

Landing page translation

Landing pages are the ideal complement for fine-tuning a good digital promotion strategy.

If you want to disseminate press releases, advertisements, messages or e-mails in different languages that contain links to landing pages, it is essential to complete this strategy with the translation of the latter.

Thus, the advertising and promotional content reaches your target audience in a comprehensive way and ensures a campaign with the results you want to achieve.

Software translation and localisation

Your digital content may go far beyond a website, blog, apps and social media, whereas your company may even have a software program, or you may have designed one to market it internationally.

Whether this software is aimed at your clients or just an internal management and work tool, you can rely on us to translate it into the languages you need.

Thanks to our advanced technological resources, localisation engineering expertise and professionals specialising in software translation, we can provide you with the highest quality translations for your programs.

Website translation deadlines

To be able to estimate the deadline for a website translation, several factors must be taken into account:

  • Wordcount: The number of words directly impacts the time needed to carry out the translation. In urgent cases, there are strategies such as having the website translated by a team of linguists, who work together simultaneously to meet the deadline requested by the client.
  • Language pair: The languages of the translation also have an impact on the deadline, as for some language pairs there are fewer professionals available than for others, which extends the deadline. However, we boast a large pool of translators, so we always have the necessary local and professional translators available to translate any job.
  • Subject matter: Some subject areas require more time than others. The deadline for translating a website with a standard subject matter, such as the sale of decoration products, will not be the same as for translating a website describing medical devices or services.

We offer you the best deadline to translate all sorts of websites, without including, unlike other companies, any surcharge, should you need an urgent translation.

How can you request a website translation quote?

To request a translation quote, you must first gather the documents and information we have mentioned above and which we summarise below.

volumen de texto

Files of the website you want to translate (in XML, CSV, XLIFF, DOCX, etc. format) or the URL of the website, if you want us to handle the extraction.

Language pair: What is the source language of your website and into which languages would you like to translate it?

traduccion multimedia, traduccion web

Additional services: Let us know if you need help with any task other than translation, such as exporting text, translating multimedia content, implementing translations, etc.

traducciones web

Deadline: If you need to have your website translated by a specific date, do not hesitate to let us know.

Once you have all this information ready, contact us so that you can explain your project and we can advise you and provide you with a customised quote as soon as possible.