agencia traduccion barcelona, agencia traduccion madrid
agencia traduccion barcelona, agencia traduccion madrid

Translations for Human Resources

Translation of presentations, job descriptions, manuals, internal communications, company policies ...

Many documents and texts are generated in HR (Human Resources) departments of local and multinational companies, which need to be updated and translated on a regular basis.

We are referring to documents related to staff training and safety, job descriptions, maintenance manuals, internal communications of any kind, company policy documents, payslips, job offers, emails, presentations …

Our extensive experience as a provider of document translation services for companies in Barcelona, Madrid and other cities means that we are well aware of the importance and impact that this type of translation has on the smooth running of the company’s internal operations.

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Among the most frequently repeated attributes, the following stand out: thoroughness, quality control, short response and turnaround times, adaptability, good prices, friendly and quality customer service.

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Translations of Human Resources documents

Translations of Human Resources documents are a regular part of the internal corporate communication system of many companies, the aim of which is often to improve the working environment.

In order for them to work with optimum efficiency, all these communications must always occur in the recipient’s language, while using proper terminology with the required quality, if you want to facilitate and improve internal relations between employees and managers, with the subsequent benefits that will ensue from it.

Types of Human Resources document translations

In the Human Resources departments of companies, different types of documents are used, which are distinguished according to their purpose in the administrative process.

Below is a list of some of the most common types of documents in Human Resources departments that often need to be translated.

The quintessential document in Human Resources is, without any doubt, the employment contract. In these contracts, aspects of the relationship between the company and the employee are determined, such as duration, conditions, payslip, etc.

It is very common, especially in multinational companies, that these contracts need to be translated in order to exchange information between branches in different countries, ensure a rigorous recruitment process and formulate valid contracts in the relevant country.

Depending on the company, this type of documentation may be handled by Human Resources or another related department.

As is well known, these documents are essential for companies to implement established rules and procedures.
These policies not only safeguard the smooth running of the company, but also ensure that quality standards are met.

This key documentation must be translated in an accurate and professional manner, so that employees in all company branches, regardless of the country, follow the established regulations and policies to the T.

This document is essential for companies with large workforces to maintain a solid database of key employee information,

which usually includes the employee’s position, skills, training, housing, contact details, etc.

It is common for companies operating in different countries and working in several languages to need these documents translated to ensure the smooth running of all their branches,

but Human Resources departments handle a wide variety of tasks related to personnel administration, so there are many other documents that need to be translated.

We go into more detail on some of these below.

What are translations of internal company communications?

One of the most commonly used documents in companies with large workforces that value good communication with their employees are internal communications.

The purpose of this type of document is to disseminate information relevant to employees throughout the company, such as staff onboardings, company events, meetings, holidays, changes in regulations, audits, achievements, works, etc.

These communications can take different forms. From more traditional formats, such as emails or text files, to more sophisticated methods, such as messages spread through the company’s own platforms.

Furthermore, the recipients of the message may vary depending on the scope required: the communication may be addressed to a single employee, a team, a department or the entire company.

It is essential for any company with staff in different countries to translate these communications so that they can reach the entire workforce.

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traducciones de documentos de recursos humanos

What are staff training translations?

All companies have documentation and courses to train their employees when they join the company or when they change positions.

These materials enable employees to familiarise themselves with the responsibilities, methodologies, practices and resources of their new position.

Moreover, training documents can be used to support company staff in facilitating the onboarding process for new staff and even save hours of time spent on training!

It is common for the Human Resources department to manage these documents, which can be texts, videos or presentations, among others.

On the other hand, the Human Resources department itself also has its own training material for new recruits.

When a company operates in countries with different languages or has a multilingual workforce, it is essential to have all training material translated into the languages of its employees.

What are translations of operating manuals?

Operating manuals are an administrative resource used by companies to define corporate functions and procedures, to properly maintain resources and to monitor activities.

These documents describe the occupations, functions and responsibilities of each position, the business organisation as well as all work and communication procedures.

Depending on the company, technical operating manuals describing the operation and features of equipment, facilities, machinery and so on are also prepared.

terminologia juridica

To translate the latter, it is necessary to have professional translators who, in addition to being familiar with corporate translations, are also experts in technical translations.

At Planet Lingua, we regularly translate operating manuals for all kinds of companies. One of the most significant examples is the case of FGC, the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan railways).

For this project, we had to translate highly technical manuals describing the features and parts of a train, including the operation and maintenance of air conditioning systems, doors, cabins, windows, wagons, etc.

To round off this section, in addition to translating the types of Human Resources documents we have mentioned, we have also worked directly with companies specialising in Human Resources. You can find an actual case in this article about an HR start-up in Madrid, for which we carried out several translations.

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How do we translate for Human Resources?

We follow stringent procedures for translating Human Resources documentation, as defined in the most demanding quality standards, to guarantee an accurate result:

  • Receipt of the material: first of all, we receive your request to translate the documents into the languages you need. You can communicate this by phone or email; a project manager will be in charge of assisting and advising you until the project is completed.
  • Drawing up the quote: we will analyse the documents, formats, text length and level of specialisation to offer you a customised quote.
    We will also offer our best deadline or, if you need to have the resources translated by a specific date, we will meet your needs.
  • Assignment to the linguistic team: our managers will be responsible for assigning the translation project to a linguistic team.

The linguist must always be a native translator with academic training and experience in the translation of corporate documentation and in the subject matter of your website, as well as specialising in the field of the company in question.

  • Translation of Human Resources documentation: during the translation process, linguists apply the utmost precision and the highest quality standards to ensure the best result.

The translators are in contact with our team of project managers at all times to ensure that all the details and distinctive features of the project are properly taken care of.

  • Translation review: a second linguist thoroughly reviews the translation to ensure top quality.
  • Delivery of the translation: we finally deliver the translated material on time. If you need help with any formatting issues, please do not hesitate to let us know.

In which formats do we translate HR documents?

Corporate documentation can be prepared in different formats, depending on its use and purpose. The company’s technological resources also come into play. For example, it is common for internal communications to be conveyed via email or through messages on the company’s staff platform, if available.

On the other hand, more extensive documentation, such as procedures, policies, regulations, manuals, reports and so on, are usually compiled in PDF, Word and similar documents, whereas presentation formats (PowerPoint, for instance) and video are also often used to graphically present reports or results, or to provide training courses for new employees.

We have the means and experience to translate corporate documentation in any format.

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Just submit your files

We will take care of everything

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So that you receive them translated in the same format

What languages do we translate Human Resources documents into?

Any multinational company expanding worldwide will need to translate its documents into a wide variety of languages, in order to carry out its management and administration tasks throughout its branches. Thus, we offer translations of Human Resources documents in any language combination you need.

We work with the most common combinations, such as translations into English, German, Spanish and French, although we also have the resources and experience to work with translations into Chinese, Russian and Arabic, among many others.

When you contact us, please let us know what translation combination you need.

Expert translators for HR translations?

The translation of Human Resources documents involves a number of challenges, difficulties and demands, hence it is essential to know who is entrusted with this type of translation.

Moreover, our linguists specialise in the fields of legal and corporate translation, so they have all the knowledge and expertise required to translate Human Resources documents with the necessary precision and consistency.

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As has been mentioned in the previous sections, we boast a large team of translators in the language into which they translate, who have extensive experience in the world of translation.

Finally, it should be noted that, both at the management and linguistic level, we dutifully follow all the quality standards applicable to the world of translation, so that top quality is always guaranteed.

Price of Human Resources document translations

Our Human Resources document translation prices are highly competitive, flexible and adaptable to the type of order you need. We have standard translation rates, depending on the language combination.

For example, our translations of corporate documents from English, French and Portuguese into Spanish have a standard price of €0.07 per word, whereas the translation of a document from German into Spanish has a higher price (€0.08 per word) and texts from Catalan have a lower price (€0.06 per word).

We can also offer translations of Human Resources documents from Spanish and Catalan into foreign languages as well as translations between foreign languages. For example, a translation from Spanish into English of a corporate document has a standard price of € 0.07 per word, whereas a translation from German into English is set at € 0.10 per word.

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In addition to our standard rates, there are several other factors that will influence the end price of your corporate document translation:

  • Text length
  • Language combination
  • Area of specialisation
  • Additional services (image editing, DTP, text implementation on platforms, etc.)

However, our cutting-edge work methods and tools allow us to offer you attractive discounts, in order to tailor the quote to your needs.

Contact us and we will send you a highly competitive, customised quote adapted to your needs.

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What mistakes should you avoid when requesting a translation of Human Resources documents?

When requesting a quote to translate Human Resources documents, there are several factors that you should take into account to avoid making the translation expensive.

The most important issue is probably the file format. Always try to send the file format that was originally created, so that managers and translators can work with the original editable files.

For example, if you have 20 PDF files to translate, it would be highly advisable to find out if you have the original Word documents.

Thus, it will not be necessary to apply additional preparation and layout work to turn the documents into editable Word documents and convert them again to PDF.

The same approach can be applied to presentations, InDesign files, etc.

However, if you do not have the original editable files, we can take care of any kind of preparation without any problem, thanks to our team of professionals and our technological resources.

Another aspect you should consider is the quality of the documents: often, the quality of the original texts may not be optimal, which may harm your company’s image and lead to comprehension errors.

Furthermore, these errors can lead to subsequent investments of time and money in new texts and translations.

In this event, at Planet Lingua we offer you a proofreading service, so that your original documents are fully polished before moving on to the translation stage.

How to request translations of Human Resources documents?

The first thing to consider before requesting a translation quote is the files to be translated. Make sure you have all the documents you need in their end versions and, if possible, in their original editable formats and with the appropriate quality. Please see the previous section for more information on these elements.

Once you have your documents ready, please send us your request via the contact form. You may request that we contact you by email, phone or WhatsApp, whichever is more convenient for you.

We will need the following information from you:

volumen de texto

Type of documentation you need translated.

Language combinations for translation.

formato archivos a traducir

Files to be translated.

traducciones web

Deadline by which you need to receive the translation.


Any additional details, specifications or instructions.

One of our project managers will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm that we have received your request, that everything is in order and that we are preparing your quote.

Once we have analysed your files, we will provide you with as close a quotation as possible, along with our best possible deadline.

As soon as you confirm that all the conditions meet your requirements, we will get started to have your translation ready within the agreed timeframe.