agencia traduccion barcelona, agencia traduccion madrid
agencia traduccion barcelona, agencia traduccion madrid

Translation agency in Barcelona

We are an EU-accredited translation agency in Barcelona that has been offering translations of documents and texts in any format and language since 2000.

We carry out legal translations, marketing translations, financial and technical translations, audiovisual, certified and medical translations, as well as website translations, among others.

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We translate for companies of various industries, activities and sizes, located both in Barcelona and in other Spanish cities, which provide excellent ratings and testimonials on Google.

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Translators in Barcelona

We have a team of more than 700 translators, who are always native speakers, located in Barcelona, Madrid and their respective countries of origin.

To be part of our team, they undergo an exhaustive and rigorous selection process, as our aim is to offer each client a dedicated translator or team of translators:

  • Experts.
  • With extensive and proven experience.
  • Specialising in the subject matter of the document or text to be translated.

Our native translators in Barcelona boast the necessary training to translate with the highest quality and in the shortest possible time into any language pair.

Translation prices in Barcelona: competitive and customisable

We offer competitive and customisable prices and rates for each type of translation we carry out, from the simplest to the most urgent, technical or sophisticated, including tens or hundreds of thousands of words.

In addition to translating the text, if so requested, we adapt the message and communication style, or we include text and format editing services for the translated text to be perfectly integrated into the target medium.

We approach each translation project with rigour and confidentiality.

Our internal quality management, execution and editing systems, as well as the additional language services we offer, make our translation prices and rates highly competitive and very popular with our clients, 96.7% of whom repeat business.


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Translation company in Barcelona, official provider of the European Union

We are an official translator for the European Union and have translated millions of words and tens of thousands of documents for:

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Companies in the tourism, leisure and catering sector in Barcelona

traducciones para banca, traduccion financiera

Companies in the banking
and financial sector

traducciones para industria, traducciones para empresas

Barcelona-based industrial and engineering companies

traducciones para abogados, traduccion juridica, traduccion legal

Law firms and corporate legal departments

traducciones para marketing, traducciones para publicidad

Marketing, advertising and communication agencies in Barcelona

traducciones de paginas web, traduccion de paginas web

Companies specialising in web design, apps and software development

traducciones medicas, traducciones farmaceuticas

Companies in the medical and pharmaceutical sector

traducciones empresas tecnologia

Technology companies

traducciones editoriales

Companies in the publishing sector

traducciones para empresas de servicios

Service companies

traducción para instituciones, traducciones juradas

Official bodies

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Translations in Barcelona into many languages

Many companies in Barcelona have been entrusting us with their translations for years.

We have the qualifications, capacity and experience to translate from Spanish and Catalan into dozens of languages and vice versa.

We boast a solid team of translators, language professionals, managers and project management systems. This allows us to onboard the optimum translator for each project in order to carry it out successfully, both in terms of quality and the delivery time agreed with each client.

Our aim is to become the only translation company for your company and to actively help it, year after year, in its progress and process of consolidation or expansion into new markets.

Translation services in Barcelona

As a translation company, we offer a wide range of services, the result of years of experience in the sector.

We organise the different translation services into several distinct groups, which are described below.

Depending on the specific needs of your company, we will choose one or another translator to carry out the translation you request.

We differentiate translations for companies into the following groups:

traducciones de paginas web, traduccion de paginas web
Translations of websites, blogs, applications and software.

traducciones de documentos, agencia traduccion documentos
Translation of human resources documents, company presentations and corporate reports.

traduccion tecnica, traducciones tecnicas
Technical translation of manuals, product catalogues, instructions and technical product specifications.

traduccion de catalogos, traducciones de catalogos
Translation of advertising catalogues, press releases, statements and promotional brochures of any type and format.

Servicios traduccion Barcelona
traducciones para abogados, traduccion juridica, traduccion legal
Legal translations of agreements, legal texts, deeds and notarised documents.

traducciones para marketing, traducciones para publicidad
Financial translations of annual accounts and reports, statements and audits.

traduccion documentacion comercial
Translation of business documentation for foreign trade, certificates and procedures.

revision de textos, correccion de textos
Review and proofreading of original texts and language adaptations

Translations for companies of different sectors and sizes

Thanks to our extensive experience in different sectors of activity and companies of different sizes – from micro-SMEs to large corporations with a global presence – and, having participated in corporate development processes of various kinds, we are well aware of aspects such as:

  • The impact translations have on improving your company’s corporate image.
  • The importance of a good translation to optimise communication with your clients, suppliers, employees, investors and shareholders, as well as with public institutions and authorities.
  • How a good translation will help your company consolidate and increase sales.
  • The importance of translations in the expansion of your company to new national and local markets, as well as international markets.
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Now that you know a little more about us, please continue your visit by referring to the "Translation Services" section.

You will see the types of translation and language services we can offer you.

Then go on to the Business Sectors for which we provide translations and, finally, the Languages and Prices section, to find out the languages into which we most commonly translate.

You will notice that not all languages are listed, as the list would be endless, but the ones we show you are the most representative and common ones.

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