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agencia traduccion barcelona, agencia traduccion madrid

Technical translations

Traducción técnica de manuales, catálogos, instrucciones y guías

One of the translation services with the highest number of requests is the technical translation of operating manuals, product and service catalogues, as well as instructions and technical guides, both for end users and for internal use in companies.

The technical translations we do are from Spanish to English, German, French and many other languages or language pairs.

Read on to find out more about our experience and how we can help you.


What is technical translation?

A technical text is a document that describes the operation of equipment, devices or machinery, as well as concepts related to engineering.

Technical translation consists of translating technical texts into other languages with complete fidelity, as they are intended for the operation of equipment or the work of operators, so the highest quality must be guaranteed.

Moreover, as these are technical fields with a very specific vocabulary, it is essential to use translators with a high level of specialisation in the field in question.

¿Para qué sirven las traducciones técnicas?

Technical translations are crucial for many industries to be able to carry out their activities.

This is because technical documents bring together all the specifications, instructions for use and relevant indications on products, machinery and equipment of all kinds.

Good technical and multilingual translations of user guides, safety data sheets, installation or maintenance manuals, product warranties and end-user brochures are therefore essential to consolidate and increase sales, build customer loyalty and make internal processes run as efficiently as possible.

Thus, this key information can be conveyed both between users in different parts of the world and between company headquarters and departments on an international level.

What are technical translation glossaries and memories?

Technical translation glossaries and memories are resources commonly used by translation agencies when working with technical documents.

Glossaries consist of lists of technical terms that commonly appear in texts, with their respective equivalent terms in different languages.

These equivalent words must be taken from the most reliable sources and sometimes include a validation stage by the client to ensure that the technical translations feature the terminology each company prefers.

On the other hand, translation memories are databases containing previously translated segments (text fragments). These segments, which are duly reviewed and sometimes validated by the client, can be used for future translations.

This not only ensures that documents with similar content are translated in the same way, but also reduces the volume of text to be translated and, therefore, the price of the translation.

We regularly use technical translation glossaries and memories to work with our documents; we also boast the best technological tools to manage and apply the content of these resources. For this reason, we apply attractive discounts on technical translations for clients who work with us on a regular basis and whose texts may have similar content.

Types of technical translations

Technical translation covers a wide range of text types and document categories.

A technical text is virtually any document with field- or industry-specific terminology that describes procedures, the operation of a product or the condition of a piece of equipment.

Below is a list of some of the most common types of technical documents that need to be translated, although the list is virtually endless.

volumen de texto



Manuals or user guides


Product warranties



Technical reports

Technical drawings and designs

Scientific and medical texts

Furthermore, these technical texts can be classified according to the addressee:

  • Technical translations for consumers: In the case of instruction manuals for products (such as electronic devices or household appliances), the target audience will be the end consumer, who must understand how the product works.
  • Technical translations for professionals: Technical manuals for equipment or machinery are also prepared for operators in different sectors, such as industry or health.

This is also the case of technical reports that evaluate the operation of systems and are intended for professionals in the quality departments of companies.

We boast a large team of translators specialising in different fields of technical translation, which means we can translate technical texts in any field and of any type.

What is a catalogue translation?

Companies that sell products, such as household appliances, devices, equipment or machinery, usually compile their entire range of products in a product catalogue.

In these catalogues, the individual products are listed with a detailed description of how they work and all technical specifications.

Thus, companies that sell these products need to rely on the best translations of their catalogues in order to expand sales to other countries. Here is an example of the translation of an industrial company’s catalogues.

To carry out this type of translation, linguists need to have knowledge of marketing and technical translation, so that the products are appealing to customers, while faithfully conveying all the technical specifications.

Another example of this type of project has been the translation of the Supreminox website, which features an array of online product catalogues.

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corrección de textos

What is the translation of installation and maintenance manuals?

Installation and maintenance manuals are documents aimed at users of different devices and equipment or at those in charge of their maintenance.

These devices can range from household appliances found in any home to equipment used in different industries for manufacturing or processing.

They are the most common types of technical documents, whereas the degree of technicality and specialisation will depend on the device itself and the use for which it has been designed.

When translating installation and maintenance manuals, it is essential that the translator specialises in technical translation within the relevant field and has in-depth knowledge of the operation of the equipment in question.

The aim is for the user to understand all the details of the product’s operation and maintenance in their own language, in order to avoid any problems regarding the device.

What is the translation of assembly manuals?

Assembly manuals are very similar to installation manuals, except that they focus on the assembly of a structure, device or equipment from scratch.

It is therefore not surprising that some of these manuals are even more technical in nature than installation and maintenance manuals, as they detail many parts and assembly processes.

Companies need to translate these assembly manuals to be able to market structures, devices and equipment that can range from the simplest options, such as the assembly of furniture or gym equipment, to the most complex examples, such as the assembly of industrial machinery.

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What is the translation of user guides?

User guides and brochures are intended to guide the consumer in the use of a product.

They differ from instruction and maintenance manuals in terms of complexity, as guides and brochures tend to be simpler, shorter and instructive.

This type of document usually provides general instructions on the use of everyday products (such as household appliances or mobile devices) or the assembly of some equipment or furniture for standard users.

They do not go into technical and maintenance details as much as instruction manuals.

When translating guides and brochures, a perfect balance must be maintained with regard to the technical language needed to explain how to use the product without being overly complex.

What is the translation of safety data sheets?

Safety data sheets are documents that must be compulsorily included with certain products to indicate the conditions of use needed to avoid safety risks.

Companies must include and translate these data sheets into all the official languages of the countries in which they market their products, in order to comply with safety regulations.

It is therefore not surprising that translators who translate safety data sheets must assume the utmost responsibility and have all the necessary knowledge, as these documents are governed by strict regulations, legislation and liability policies.

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What is the translation of warranties?

Every brand and manufacturer worth its salt includes warranties with their products, so that the customer is protected against possible manufacturing defects, malfunctions or breakdowns not caused by misuse.

There are warranties that can also cover the buyer, if they wish to return the product within a set period of time, in case they regret the purchase or if the product does not meet their expectations.

Product warranties include both technical details of the product and the conditions under which it can be applied.

Thus, a combination of technical translation and legal translation must be applied to this type of text, with linguists and professionals versed in both fields.

What is patent translation?

Patents are documents that specify the technical details of an invention in order to obtain exclusive rights to market it.

Patents are official documents issued by a country’s public bodies; thus, in addition to including a highly technical vocabulary, they also use a particular legal jargon.

As is obvious, the content of patents is highly sensitive and must be handled with the utmost care, only by the most qualified professionals.

The same is true for patent translation: linguists dealing with these assignments must have a very high level of experience and specialisation in order to successfully take on such a responsibility.

traducciones de patentes
traducciones de planos y diseños

What is the translation of technical drawings and designs?

Technical drawings and designs are the graphic representation of the construction of different products, elements and structures.

These designs can range from architectural plans of a building to the representation of the circuits of a computer motherboard.

In these documents, a graph of the item to be built is shown with its different perspectives and dimensions.

They also include text indicating which item each graph represents, as well as its measurements, keys, etc.

Technical drawings and designs are usually translated when the design and construction stages are carried out by professionals who do not speak the same language.

However, these documents may also be intended for people who must use a product or carry out installation and maintenance and, thus, need to understand all the details in their mother tongue.

The translation of technical drawings and designs entails a special responsibility and difficulty, as it is essential to accurately translate all the terms, measurements and indications in order to avoid potentially serious problems.

Thus, it goes without saying that translators, apart from being sufficiently experienced and trained linguists, must specialise in the field relevant to the drawing, such as architecture or electronics.

What is the scientific translation of documents?

Scientific translation, as the name suggests, is the translation of texts from scientific fields, such as medicine, pharmacy, physics and chemistry.

The texts to be translated can range from scientific trials to drug package inserts, medical reports and articles in scientific journals.

Scientific translation is essential for those organisations that wish to internationalise their research and dissemination processes, as well as to exchange knowledge with professionals worldwide.

Moreover, organisations and companies that market science-related products, such as medicines, need to translate product inserts, information and all data for their customers around the world.

Be it as it may, this type of translation requires translation professionals specialising in scientific translation and in the relevant subject area, such as medicine or chemistry.

Working with a translation company that resorts to professionals who have these characteristics is essential when carrying out scientific translations, as the levels of terminological and technical complexity as well as responsibility are extremely high.

traduccion-cientifica de documentos

Traductores técnicos especializados

Hence, the most important thing when carrying out a technical translation with top quality is to rely on highly specialised translators in the corresponding field of expertise.

A professional translator of technical and scientific documents must have advanced knowledge, not only in translation, but also with regard to technical texts, to ensure maximum terminological accuracy.

terminologia juridica

Technical translators in Madrid and Barcelona

We offer you a large team of translators, both in-house at our offices in Madrid and Barcelona, as well as external translators in their respective countries of origin, with experience and training in translation, specialising in different technical and scientific fields.

Furthermore, all of them translate only into their mother tongue, so that the technical texts you ask us to translate will be handled by professional, specialised and local technical translators.

For which industries do we do technical translations?

The field of technical translation covers a wide range of subject areas and industries dealing with texts that require a high level of specific terminology.

Thus, it is very common for companies that manufacture products requiring assembly, electronic devices, computer equipment or machinery, among others, to produce documentation detailing the use, operation, installation and maintenance of their products.

On the other hand, these companies also need to have technical documentation that they will use internally, such as technical inspections, reports or patents.

Nor should we forget the organisations and companies working in the field of research, scientific dissemination and health. All of them also work with large volumes of technical and scientific documentation that needs to be translated.

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As you can see, there is a wide range of companies that need to translate technical and scientific documentation. However, below is a list the sectors that most commonly require this service:





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Household appliances

IT and electronics

Industrial machinery


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Into which languages do we do technical translations?

Depending on the target audience of the technical texts or the purpose of the documents, it may be necessary to translate them into different language pairs.

Thanks to our team of more than 700 qualified local translators, we can provide technical translations in any field and language, with the highest degree of specialisation, professionalism, responsibility and quality.

Whether you need to translate an assembly and maintenance manual from French into Spanish or a scientific paper from English into Italian, you can rely on us.

Although we offer a wide range of language pairs for technical translation, below we focus on some of the most requested language combinations in the field of technical and scientific translation.

Spanish-English and English-Spanish technical translation

As we all know, English is the world’s main language of exchange, so in the field of technical texts it is no different.

  • It is common for large multinationals and international manufacturers to prepare the technical documentation for their products, equipment and machinery in English.
  • However, as we have already mentioned, it is essential that these types of texts are written in the recipient’s mother tongue, in order to avoid difficulties or failures with regard to use and maintenance.
  • Thus, it is normal for these brands and manufacturers to resort to technical translation from English into Spanish, so that their products can be used in our country.
  • The same happens the other way round: manufacturers and brands in Spain and Latin America need to translate their technical documents from Spanish into English in order to export their products abroad.
  • Moreover, English is also the language of scientific dissemination par excellence, so it is common to translate medical and scientific texts between English and Spanish.

One of our long-standing clients is HIDRAL, a Seville-based company specialising in the manufacture of lifts and elevators.

We have been providing HIDRAL with technical translations for more than a decade, translating their Spanish-English instruction manuals to be included in their lifts.

HIDRAL has been relying on us for many years not only for their Spanish-English translations, but also for other languages, such as Spanish-German, Spanish-Portuguese and Spanish-Russian translation requests.

Another example is Würth Modyf, a company that produces and sells clothing and footwear for professional use.

Würth asks us for technical translations from Spanish into English, as well as into other languages, of its product data sheets.

When translating Spanish-English data sheets, it is essential that all information is translated with the utmost rigour and accuracy. With a high volume of products being manufactured, any error can lead to a large financial loss if the sheet has to be modified after production.

Würth Modyf is familiar with our workflow, which consists of proofreading after translation. Both processes are always carried out by professional translators with a long-standing experience in the translation’s specific subject area. This ensure top quality.

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Spanish-Catalan technical translation

Another technical translation language pair that companies often need is from Spanish into Catalan.

This is also common in companies that originally manufacture in Catalonia with non-Catalan-speaking professionals and, subsequently, have to adapt their texts to the market in which they operate.

We should avoid the mistake of thinking that, as these languages are so close, any bilingual person can translate technical texts from Spanish into Catalan or vice versa.

Technical and scientific texts feature a very high register and include highly advanced terminology and concepts, which entail risks and a great deal of responsibility.

FGC, the railway network of the Generalitat (Regional Government of Catalonia), has relied on our services on several occasions for the translation of instruction manuals from Catalan into Spanish and the translation of product information sheets from Catalan into Spanish.

Apart from translating manuals and product sheets, we also translate the technical specifications of the different components of train carriages from Catalan into Spanish. These types of texts are highly technical, so it is necessary to work with a company that has mastered the subject.

We have been working with FGC for many years on the technical translation of large volumes of text into several languages (translation projects of over 200,000 words). Our commitment is to always deliver top quality at a highly competitive price and within the agreed deadlines.

What is the price of technical translations?

We offer you highly competitive technical translation prices that are flexible and adaptable to the type of order you need. We have standard translation rates, depending on the language combination.

For example, our technical translations from English, French and Portuguese into Spanish have a standard price of €0.07 per word, whereas the translation of a technical or scientific text from German into Spanish has a higher price (€0.08 per word) and texts from Catalan have a more competitive price (€0.06 per word).

We can also offer you technical translations from Spanish and Catalan into foreign languages as well as translations between foreign languages. For example, a translation from Spanish into English of a technical text has a standard price of €0.07 per word, whereas a translation from German into English is set at €0.10 per word.

For our standard rates for all combinations, please refer to the “Languages and prices” section.

precio traducciones tecnicas

In addition to the standard rates, you should bear in mind that there are several factors that will influence the end price of the translation of your technical or scientific text:

  • Wordcount
  • Language pair
  • Subject area
  • Discounts we may apply
  • Additional services (image editing, DTP, implementation of text on platforms, etc.)

How do we carry out technical translations?

We have strict procedures for carrying out technical translations and, of course, we apply a specific workflow to do them with the utmost accuracy.

First of all, our project managers will receive your request and make sure they know all the details to meet your needs:

The source language of your technical documents and the languages you need to translate them into.

Depending on the number of words, languages and subject area, we will offer you the most flexible and tightest deadline.
Once we have all the information and you give us a heads up to start the project, we will prepare the files you have sent us and coordinate the translation with the team of linguists.
They will always be linguists who are mother tongue speakers of the language they are translating into and experienced in technical translation as well as in the relevant field of expertise.

It will be essential to know what type of technical document you need to translate, what specialty it belongs to and in which format it is drafted. Thus, we can assign the corresponding specialist linguists and, if need be, plan a document layout (e.g. in the case of drawings).

The translator will become familiar with the whole content regarding your business and documentation, the range of products or services, as well as the terminology, and will refer to all the necessary reference material to ensure that the translation reads seamlessly, fits perfectly with the original content and is faithful to the original text and clear for the target audience.

Next, a second linguist will be in charge of revising the text thoroughly to ensure that the translation is of the highest quality.
If need be, our managers will be in contact with you for any queries they deem appropriate during the process.
Once the translation and proofreading are completed, we will send you the translated files in the same format in which you sent them to us.
After delivering the technical translation, we will be fully available should you have any questions, comments or clarifications for us.


How to request a technical translation?

The first thing to consider before requesting a translation quote is the files to be translated. Make sure you have all the documents you need in their end versions and, if possible, in their original editable formats and with the appropriate quality.

Once you have your documents ready, please send us your request via the contact form. You may request that we contact you by e-mail, phone or WhatsApp, whichever is more convenient for you.

Please provide us with the following information:

  • Type of documentation you need to translate.
  • Language pairs for translation.
  • Files to be translated.
  • Deadline when you need to receive the translation
  • Any additional details, specifications or instructions.

One of our project managers will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm that we have received your request, that everything is in order and that we are preparing your quote.

Once we have analysed your files, we will provide you with an optimised quote, along with our best deadline.
As soon as you confirm that all the conditions meet your requirements, we will get started to have your translation ready within the agreed timeframe.

Which mistakes should you avoid when requesting a technical translation and what should you prepare beforehand?

When requesting a quote to translate technical and scientific documents, there are different factors that you should take into account to avoid unnecessary translation costs.

The most important issue is probably the file format. Always try to send the file format that was originally created, so managers and translators can work with the original editable files.

For instance, if you have 20 PDF files to translate, it would be highly advisable to find out if you have the original Word documents.

Thus, it will not be necessary to do additional preparation and layout work to turn the documents into editable Word documents and convert them again to PDF files.

The same criteria can be applied to files with large graphic content, such as drawings or technical designs, i.e. if you have the original file (InDesign, Illustrator, AutoCAD, etc.), you can save on layout costs.

traduccion juridica

Nonetheless, if you do not have the original editable files, we can take care of any kind of preparation process, thanks to our team of professionals and our technological resources.

Another aspect you should consider is the quality of the documents: often, the quality of the original texts may not be optimal, which may harm your company’s image and lead to comprehension errors.

Furthermore, these errors can lead to subsequent investments of time and money in new texts and translations.

In this event, we offer you a proofreading and revision service, so that your original documents are fully polished before moving on to the translation stage.