agencia traduccion barcelona, agencia traduccion madrid
agencia traduccion barcelona, agencia traduccion madrid

Financial translations: reports, balance sheets and audits

Financial and economic translations: annual accounts, financial statements and audits

Some of the companies which we translate documents and texts for also need financial translations.

Based on our experience, we know that the quality of this type of translation of economic and financial topics must be flawless, as it usually aims to convey a company’s actual situation or provide figures and statistics to prospective clients, as is the case with translations related to financial services.

We boast more than two decades of experience, optimal response times of our offices in Madrid and Barcelona, as well as the guarantee of linguistic quality and highly competitive rates.

For all the above reasons, we get excellent ratings as regards our translation services, along with the testimonials you can see below.

Traducciones financieras

One of the best financial translation companies

We are rated as one of the best financial translation companies in Madrid and Barcelona, where we centralise translations for the whole of Spain and abroad.

The attributes they highlight are as follows: thoroughness, quality assurance, promptness, good rates and quality customer service.

Mabrouka ElwaarMabrouka Elwaar
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I am grateful to you for this work
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Excellent service and customer care.
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I would highlight both the treatment and the speed.
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Everything perfect, excellent service and very fast. I will definitely return when I need to.
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Very responsive company and super quick at an affordable price. I would highly reccommend.
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15:53 04 May 23
I highly recommend Planet Lingua for its commitment with quality and client satisfaction. Having worked for Planet Lingua as a freelancer for many years, I really feel part of a strong team whose mission is to put clients in communication with the world.
Tamara VysharTamara Vyshar
12:06 20 Feb 23
I’ve had a seamless experience with Planet Lingua with a legal translation of documents, fast and very professional, great at communicating and following-up, 100% recommend!
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I highly recommend their services. Not only provided an excellent service but also understood my needs and tailored the solution. Thank you very much.
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Having worked for Planet Lingua for many years, I have nothing but praise for all those who work there, and I hope our relationship continues for many years to come. An extremely professional team dedicated to ensuring the absolute best for its clients.
Vladyslav DoroshetsVladyslav Doroshets
07:07 17 Feb 24
Conozco a Planet Lingua como colaboradora y puedo afirmar que tanto Mauro como Ariana son muy buenos profesionales, atentos, competentes y amables. Ha sido un placer colaborar con ellos.
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Conocí a Planet Lingua hace unos años y su servicio siempre fue impecable, rápido, eficaz y de calidad. Hace unos meses que comencé mi relación laboral con una nueva compañía y no lo dudé ni un segundo. En cuanto necesitamos un servicio de traducción, contacté de nuevo con Planet Lingua. Debo decir que no es la única agencia de traducción con la que he trabajado, pero sí la mejor. Por precio, por la calidad de sus traducciones y por su trato personal. Lo recomendaría siempre.
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What types of financial translations do we do?

Thanks to our large team of translators specialising in financial translations and economic texts, we translate all types of documents in this subject area.

Below are some of the most common financial translations.

What is an audit translation?

Audits are accounting inspections that companies must undergo to ensure that they are managing their finances in an efficient and transparent manner.

The reports resulting from the audits must be translated so that they can be issued to different management bodies, to other companies or to investors of the organisation concerned.

These texts include specific descriptions and sensitive information, so the translation must be carried out with utmost precision by highly specialised financial translators.

Paso a paso en las traducciones
traducciones de documentos de recursos humanos

What is the translation of balance sheets and profit and loss accounts?

Profit and loss accounts and balance sheets are essential financial management documents for understanding the state and evolution of a company over a period of time.

Profit and loss accounts show whether a company is making a profit or loss and to what extent, and are therefore essential to know the viability of an organisation.

It is very common for multinationals and banks to have their annual accounts translated, in order to communicate transparently with other branches or departments that do not use the language in which the balance sheets have been drawn up.

What is the translation of a company’s annual accounts?

Annual accounts or financial statements are documents used by companies to reflect their economic situation.

They are prepared once a year and are intended to keep the company’s management and shareholders up to date with the organisation’s finances.

It is very common to request the translation of annual accounts so that all responsible and interested parties can understand these documents in their mother tongue and ensure transparent and efficient management.

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Traducción declaración de impuestos

What is the translation of tax returns?

As is well known, tax returns are mandatory reports for both companies and individuals.

These documents often need to be translated for other control bodies, subsidiaries, companies or interested parties to understand them and to ensure transparency.

What are translations for financial institutions and investment fund managers?

Financial institutions (such as banks) act as intermediaries between parties to carry out all kinds of transactions: from deposits and money exchanges to loans and mortgages.

On the other hand, financial asset managers create and manage investment funds and pension plans.

It goes without saying that both types of institutions tackle large volumes of financial and economic documentation on a daily basis, which they must exchange with different stakeholders, regulators, bodies and clients.

Thus, they must always rely on a translation company to provide them with top-quality financial translation services in any language.

What are translations of financial agreements?

The purpose of a financial agreement is to regulate, on a legal basis, the amounts and conditions of an economic exchange between two or more parties, both individuals and companies.

These transactions are often international and the parties do not share the same language, so agreements must be translated into the languages needed.

Into which languages do we translate financial documents?

We can provide financial translations in almost any language pair.

Some of the most requested combinations are financial translations from Spanish into English.

In fact, for this very reason, it is also very common for different companies and financial institutions to request financial translations from French into English, from German into English and so forth.

Once we have all the information and you give us a heads-up to start the project, we will prepare the files you have submitted and coordinate the translation with the team of linguists.

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On the other hand, international investment funds often require the translation of their reports and marketing documents into different languages, in order to reach investors around the world in a transparent way.

Thus, it is also common for some institutions and organisations to request financial translations from French into Spanish or from Spanish into German, for example.

On a local level, there are several Spanish financial institutions (banks, asset managers and insurance companies) which we provide with financial translation services in the Spanish – Catalan pair, as well as combined with Basque and Galician.

How much does a financial translation cost?

Our financial translation rates are highly competitive and flexible, i.e. they can be adapted to each order. We apply standard translation rates, depending on the language pair, and we also apply different discounts, according to each project.

For example, our financial translations from Spanish into English have a standard price of € 0.07 per word, whereas a translation from Spanish into German is set at € 0.10 per word.

We can also offer financial translations from foreign languages into Spanish and Catalan, as well as translations between foreign languages. For instance, a financial translation from German into English is set at €0.10 per word.

However, there are different aspects that have an impact on the price of a translation, in addition to the standard rate and the wordcount, including each client’s needs.

We offer you fully adapted and customised quotes, according to your requirements.

What are the main issues with financial translations?

Finance and economics is one of the most complex subject areas when it comes to translations, as it involves different factors that make it highly demanding on a linguistic level.

Writing a financial text in a general language requires a high level of expertise in the subject, whereas a translator must have the same knowledge in the two languages they are working with.

Below are some of the most significant challenges pose by financial translations:

traduccion juridica

As with any translation of a text that belongs to a specific field of expertise, terminology is the greatest challenge.

In finance, there are countless terms used to refer to specific economic concepts,

whereas, in one language, some terms may be equivalent to different concepts in the target language. These concepts may be synonymous or different due to very subtle nuances.

For example, in a financial translation from English into Spanish, the term “equity” may both refer to the concepts of “capital” and “net worth.”

It is essential to determine whether there is any nuance that differentiates them and maintain the same criteria not only within the text itself, but throughout translations for the same client.

The exchange of financial information is generally performed on an international level, whereas the language of communication in this area is English.

Thus, Anglicisms are gradually being introduced into the financial language of other languages,

such as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) instead of referring to “indicadores clave de rendimiento” in Spanish, although this is just one example of the many foreign words that are now commonly used in economic language.

Any translator specialising in financial translation must have sufficient knowledge to decide when it is more appropriate to translate a term from English into Spanish and when to keep the Anglicism in order to avoid overtranslation.

This concept is related to the previous section regarding terminology. When translating financial texts, there can be no room for ambiguity.

These texts present objective and defining figures, facts and data that must reflect a tangible financial situation, which must be accurately determined to make the appropriate decisions.

The translator must therefore tackle the text with utmost precision, so as not to cause errors, ambiguities or confusion that could have dire consequences.

Translators specialising in financial translations

Financial and economic texts are written with specific terminology and a high level of specialisation, as well as dealing with very accurate and sensitive information.

It is therefore crucial to rely on translators who are highly specialised in the field of finance and economics and who have sufficient experience in this type of translation.

We boast a large team of specialised translators, with years of experience and utmost professionalism, to translate economic and financial texts with the rigour required.

Confidentiality agreements in financial translations

Financial texts usually include sensitive information about a company or an individual, and it is understandable that they want to protect their privacy and data.

Thus, we offer confidentiality agreements to ensure the security and peace of mind of our clients.

We are also fully open to sign confidentiality agreements prepared by our clients’ legal teams.

What step-by-step procedure do we follow for financial translations?

We follow stringent procedures for translating financial texts, based on the highest quality standards, to ensure an accurate result:

First of all, we receive your request to translate the documents into the languages you need. You can communicate this by phone or email; a project manager will be in charge of assisting and advising you until the project is completed.

We will analyse the documents, the formats, the wordcount and the level of specialisation, in order to provide you with a tailored quote.

We will also suggest our best deadline or, should you need the documents or reports translated by a specific date, we will meet your needs.

Our managers will assign the translation project to a team of linguists,

who will always be native speakers with academic training and experience in the translation of corporate documentation and in the subject matter of your website, as well as specialising in the field of the respective company.


During the translation process, our linguists apply utmost care and the highest quality standards to ensure the best result.

The translators are in contact with our team of project managers at all times to ensure that all the project details and features are duly attended to.

A second linguist thoroughly checks the translation to ensure top quality.

We finally deliver the translated material on time. If you need help with any formatting issues, please do not hesitate to let us know.

How can you request a financial translation?

The first thing to consider before requesting a quote for a financial translation is the files to be translated.

Make sure you have all the documents you need in their end versions and, if possible, in their original editable formats and with the appropriate quality.

Please see the previous section for more information on these elements.
Once you have your documents ready, please send us your request via the contact form. You may request that we contact you by email, phone or WhatsApp, whichever is more convenient for you.

Please provide us with the following information:

  • Type of documents you need to translate (annual accounts, annual balance sheet, financial report, etc.).
  • Language pairs for translation.
  • Files to be translated.
  • Deadline when you need to receive the translation.
  • Any additional details, specifications or instructions.

One of our project managers will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm that we have received your request, that everything is in order and that we are preparing your quote.
Once we have analysed your files, we will provide you with as close a quotation as possible, along with our best possible deadline.

As soon as you confirm that all the conditions meet your requirements, we will get started to have your translation ready within the agreed timeframe.