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agencia traduccion barcelona, agencia traduccion madrid

Audiovisual translations

Audiovisual translation (or AVT) is viewed on a screen and covers different formats and platforms: from cinema and television to video games or online multimedia content.

On-demand entertainment is on the rise, hence the demand for audiovisual translations to disseminate this type of content is commonplace.

Moreover, more and more companies are switching from traditional advertising methods to multimedia marketing strategies: short commercials, videos on social networks, header videos on their websites …

Do you want to disseminate multimedia content on an international scale to increase its scope and impact?

We introduce you to the audiovisual translation agency service.

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Specialised audiovisual translators

Before hiring an audiovisual translation service, it is essential to have the guarantee of specialised translators with extensive experience, as this type of translation involves many peculiarities and poses significant challenges:

  • Mixing of language codes (dialogues, written text appearing on screen …) with non-linguistic codes (gestures, sound effects, songs …).
  • The text (written or voice-over) must be aligned at all times with what the audience is seeing on screen.
  • The cultural references of the multimedia contents must be adapted.

We have a team of expert translators in audiovisual translation with years of experience, which allows us to guarantee you audiovisual translations of the highest quality.

Audiovisual translation services

The combination of technological resources, as well as the extensive skills and experience of our translators, allows us to offer you different audiovisual translation services:

  • Subtitling.
  • Subtitle translation.
  • Subtitle embedding.
  • Transcription.
  • Script translation.
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Hiring the subtitling service

Does your company have audiovisual material, such as advertisements, promotional videos, documentaries, short films, films or others?
It is therefore highly advisable to subtitle such material in order to reach a larger audience and, thus, boost the dissemination of the content.

Subtitling is especially useful to ensure that audiovisual marketing campaigns on the internet and social networks are effective, as the vast majority of users browse on their mobile phones and, most likely, with the volume turned off.

Hiring subtitle translation service

If you already have subtitles for your multimedia content, we can also provide you with a translation and subtitling service for audiovisual material, so that your videos are subtitled in several languages.

All you have to do is provide us with the subtitles, and we will take care of:

  • Translating them into the languages you need
  • and applying them to multimedia content, while observing all the necessary guidelines.

We can translate subtitles no matter what format they are in.

Embedding subtitles in multimedia content

Although this alternative is not the most common or practical, embedding subtitles will be useful if you need to broadcast the content directly with subtitles or if viewers should not see the video without subtitles.

Transcription of audiovisual content

As part of our audiovisual translation services, we also offer you the transcription of multimedia material.

You may need the transcription of audiovisual content of all kinds, from promotional videos and short films to interviews or online courses.

It can be particularly useful for:

  • Providing users with a way to access the content they are most interested in;
  • Having the information in the form of notes;
  • Getting the message across to users with difficulties in viewing or playing multimedia resources.

We also offer you a translation service if you need to have your transcripts in different languages, as an alternative to subtitling.

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Script translation

If you have a script for creating multimedia content (such as TV, radio or internet commercials, voice-overs, short films, etc.) that needs to be translated in order to produce the content in other languages, do not hesitate to ask us about our script translation service.

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Which languages do we translate into?

You can request audiovisual translations and subtitling into all European and American as well as Asian (Chinese and Japanese, among others) or African languages.

We have professional translators and subtitlers, who are experts in different areas of audiovisual and multimedia translation, so that the end product is of optimum quality.

We also set ourselves apart by using the latest software tools for audiovisual translation.

Whatever language combination you need for your audiovisual translation, our team will be able to help you.

How much does an audiovisual translation cost?

The price of an audiovisual translation or subtitling varies according to the product you need to translate or subtitle.

  • If you are looking for an audiovisual translation, we will quote it according to the number of words in your source text.
  • On the other hand, if what you are looking for is for us to subtitle a video, as a general rule we will provide a quote based on its duration.

To prepare a quote, please send us your material and we will submit a customised offer that is tailored to your needs.

Our prices and rates for audiovisual translations are very competitive.

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How long does an audiovisual translation take?

As set out above, an audiovisual translation involves highly specific features. In order to take all these aspects into account, do not hesitate to provide us with all the information, along with the required deadline, and we will adapt to your needs without any problem.

We know, for instance, that the deadlines for publishing a video can be very tight, so we will try to deliver the end product as fast as possible.

Do not worry about timeliness; we will ensure that the delivery is on time and of the best quality.

We have expert translators featuring a minimum of five years’ experience. A team with the necessary training to translate and subtitle with the best quality and in the shortest time possible, whatever language combination you need.

Traducciones Audiovisuales barcelona, traducciones audiovisuales madrid

How to request an audiovisual translation?

If you have multimedia content and need any of the services mentioned above:

  • Fill in the form under “Request a Quote” and tell us the content details and the type of service you would like.
  • We need you to send us the file we will have to work with in order to prepare the quote.
  • If you are not sure about the type of service you need, we will study your needs to draw up the most appropriate language strategy for your case and prepare a customised quote.

As you can see, we offer a wide range of translation services for multimedia content.

Whether you have a clear idea of the service you need or you would like us to advise you on the one that best suits your requirements, please contact us.