agencia traduccion barcelona, agencia traduccion madrid
agencia traduccion barcelona, agencia traduccion madrid

Online shop translations

The translation of online shops (e-commerce) is yet another specialty of our translation agencies in Barcelona and Madrid.

Many companies have envisaged a business opportunity with online sales and many others have been established fully online, as well as companies that already have an e-commerce platform and decide to translate it into the languages of the countries where they want to sell their products or services.

We have an array of resources, translators and proven experience in this type of translation.

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We have dozens of testimonials and opinions from satisfied clients who publicly recommend us on Google and rate us as one of the best translation companies in Madrid and Barcelona.

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What is the translation of an online shop (e-commerce)?

In order to reach a wider audience and expand a company’s business activity, it is essential to have an e-commerce system translated into several languages.

Any online store has two main aspects to translate:

  • Sales system: set of elements that make up the e-commerce platform (websites, sections, forms, buttons, code, SEO elements, etc.).
  • Products and descriptions: names and details of all the products and services offered in the online shop.

In this step of the e-commerce translation, the marketing element necessary for the products and services to be attractive to the public must be taken into account. Moreover, it is essential to keep the translations up to date as new products are added or existing ones are modified.

Which e-commerce platforms do we translate?

It is very likely that your e-commerce is based on popular online shop creation platforms, such as Magento, Shopify, Prestashop or WooCommerce.

Magento online shop translation

If you have an e-commerce site based on Magento, you should bear in mind that the texts of five content categories need to be translated: storefront, layout, static pages, e-mail templates and product catalogue.

Magento has options and plugins that allow you to export the texts to different formats (CSV, XML, XLIFF …) so that translators can work with them and provide translations of the online shop into different languages in a simple and professional way.

Prestashop online shop translation

Just like Magento, Prestashop offers the option of both translating all the categories, sections and tabs of the e-commerce platform by hand in the editor itself and exporting all the content so that translators can work on them with their professional tools.

Exporting the texts will always be the most practical, professional, economical and recommended option.

WordPress online shop translation

If you have created your e-commerce platform on WordPress, it is very likely that you have used the WooCommerce plugin, the leading plugin for creating online shops in WordPress.

This sophisticated tool allows you to export texts to CSV format so that the translation company can take care of the whole process.

Whether your online shop is created from scratch by programmers or you have used a plugin or e-commerce platform, we offer you translations based on Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, WooCommerce and any other type of online shop you need, in addition to our support for exporting and implementing the translations on your platform.

What e-commerce sizes do we translate?

In the same way that there are small neighbourhood shops and large shopping centres, it is possible that your e-commerce is a small shop with few products or services, or a large online platform with a huge offer.

Whether you want your small business to reach more people or you need to translate a constantly updated catalogue of thousands of products into several languages, we have the team and the capacity to translate online shops of any size at competitive rates and with flexible deadlines.

What kind of online shops do we translate?

We translate different e-commerce models, the features of which vary depending on who offers and purchases the products and services:

Translation of B2C (Business to Consumer) online shops

This e-commerce model emulates traditional sales in physical shops on an online platform or marketplace. The company or business sells directly to its customers, which is why it is the most common form of e-commerce.

The most successful B2C e-commerce in the world is the giant Amazon. Other examples are the marketplaces of shopping centres, such as El Corte Inglés, although this type of online sales includes online shops of all types and sizes.

It should be noted that the B2C model is not limited to the sale of goods, but also includes the sale of services to customers. A great example is Netflix, which provides its customers with an online streaming service for audiovisual content on a subscription basis.

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Translation of B2B (Business to Business) online shops

In the B2B model, the transaction of goods and services occurs between two companies.

More often than not companies do business with each other rather than with end consumers, although, in most cases, this is due to intermediation: manufacturers selling to distributors and then distributors selling to retailers.

In addition to intermediation in the manufacture and distribution of goods to businesses, B2B commerce also involves the provision of business-to-business services.

For instance, FedEx provides transportation services for online retailers to deliver their products to their customers.

Translation of C2C (Consumer to Consumer) online shops

This e-commerce model involves the sale of products and services between individuals, so there are no companies at either end of the transaction.

However, it is common for a company to participate as an intermediary in the transaction by providing the e-commerce platform (ad-funded), where individuals buy and sell products and services.

Some of the most representative examples are platforms, such as Wallapop, eBay or Vinted, where users from all over the world sell and buy products on ad-funded marketplaces.

We have been working on e-commerce translations for two decades, since our beginnings as a translation company. Thanks to our extensive experience in translating online shops and marketplaces, we have a team of native translators who offer the best quality in this type of project, based on their knowledge of e-commerce, marketing and SEO.

traduccion de tiendas online, traduccion de ecommerce, traducciones tiendas online madrid barcelona
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What languages do we translate online shops into?

When translating an online shop, the most important thing is to be clear about the target audience of the product or service you are offering and the market you want to compete in.

We translate all kinds of language combinations, so as to provide you with the translations you need to successfully carry out the business expansion strategy of your e-commerce to any audience, country or region.

We provide e-commerce translations from Spanish into any language and vice versa, in case you need to import a foreign business into the Spanish market.

Furthermore, if you wish to target your sales campaign to more specific markets within Spain (autonomous communities, regions and others), we also translate into Catalan, Galician and Basque.

We provide online shop translation services in a wide range of languages, whether you need to expand your business throughout Spain, export it from Spain to other countries or import an international business into the Spanish market.

Online shop translation rates and prices

We offer you highly competitive e-commerce translation prices that are flexible and adaptable to the type of order you need. We have standard translation rates, depending on the language combination.

For example, our online shop translations from English, French and Portuguese into Spanish have a standard price of €0.07 per word, whereas the translation of an online shop from German into Spanish has a higher price (€0.08 per word) and texts from Catalan have a more competitive price (€0.06 per word).

We can also offer you translations of online shops from Spanish and Catalan into foreign languages as well as translations between foreign languages. For example, a translation from Spanish into English of an online shop has a standard price of €0.07 per word, whereas German into English is set at €0.10 per word.

For our standard rates for all combinations, please refer to the “Languages and prices” section.

In addition to standard rates, there are several other factors that will influence the end price of your e-commerce translation:

volumen de texto

Text length

Language combination


Area of specialisation

Additional services (image editing, DTP, text implementation on platforms, etc.)

Contact us and we will send you a highly competitive, tailor-made quote, adapted to your needs.

What documentation do you need to provide for the translation of an online shop (e-commerce)?

The files needed to translate an online shop vary depending on the type of shop and the digital strategy of each company requesting a translation from us.

In the vast majority of cases, our clients usually export their e-commerce content in Excel or XML files, which, once translated into the required languages, can be automatically implemented in the shop’s systems.

There are also customers who choose to manually export their shop content to Excel, Word or other files and implement the translations themselves.

On the other hand, systems such as WordPress, Magento or Prestashop have translation package creation systems and even integrated translation tools.

In any case, the files that the translation company should work with will depend on the digital strategy of the online shop and its needs.

When you contact us and accept the quote, we will advise you and help you get the files we need to work with and even implement the translation in your marketplace.

What steps do we follow to translate an e-commerce site?

We have strict procedures for carrying out translations of online shops and, of course, we apply a specific workflow to ensure the best linguistic quality.

First of all, our project managers will receive your request and make sure they know all the details to meet your needs:

Language combination: the source language of your e-commerce and the languages you need to translate it into.

Work files: it will be crucial to know how your online shop is set up and if it has been built from a service or platform, in order to know which files we will need. Thus, you will be able to implement the translation of the online shop on your platform without any problems.

Delivery time: depending on the number of words, languages and area of specialisation, we will offer you the most flexible and tight deadline.

Once we have all the information and you give us a heads up to start the project, we will prepare the files you have sent us and coordinate the translation with the team of linguists.

pasos para traducir un ecommerce, como traducir una tienda online

They will always be linguists who are native speakers of the target language and experienced in translating online shops as well as in the area of specialisation of your business.

The translator will familiarise themselves with all the content of your online shop, the range of products or services as well as the terminology, and will refer to all the necessary reference material to ensure that the translation is flawless, perfectly matches the original content and appeals to the target audience.

A second linguist will then proofread the text thoroughly to ensure that the translation is of the highest quality.

If need be, our managers will be in contact with you for any queries they deem appropriate during the process.

Once the translation and proofreading are completed, we will send you the translated files in the same format in which you sent them to us.

After delivery of the e-commerce translation, we will remain at your disposal should you have any questions, comments or queries, or even if you need help implementing the translation on your platform.

How long does it take to translate an e-commerce site?

The size of the content to be translated, the language combination and the subject area are essential when defining the deadlines for the translation of an e-commerce site.

We analyse each translation project individually, in order to understand its distinctive features and define the deadlines, and we undertake to deliver the translations as soon as possible, in order to meet each client’s requirements as closely as possible. When we receive your project, please let us know when you need to have the translation ready.

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Translators specialising in online shops

We offer you a wide range of translators specialising in the translation of e-commerce sites and platforms, where products and services of all kinds are offered: from leisure items and fabrics to industrial materials.

Thanks to the training, experience and professionalism of our team, your e-commerce platform and your entire range of products and services will be translated with the utmost precision and respect for proper terminology and style.

How do I request the translation of my e-commerce site?

To request the translation of your online shop, please contact us. Our team of managers will answer all your questions and prepare a customised quote for the translation.

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