agencia traduccion barcelona, agencia traduccion madrid
agencia traduccion barcelona, agencia traduccion madrid

Translations into German

Price of translations into German

  • For specialised texts (e.g. financial, legal, technical, medical/pharmaceutical texts), the rate can range from 0.12 to 0.14 euros.
  • Rates for Scandinavian, Eastern European, Asian and Arabic languages will vary according to subject area, document format, etc.
  • The translation will be reviewed by an experienced reviewer, who will ensure the linguistic suitability of the translated text. A project manager will oversee and monitor the process closely to ensure maximum quality.
  • We apply discounts on translations into German, depending on the text length and repeating structures.

Our German translation rates and prices are particularly competitive, and we offer you the possibility to customise your cost so that it is consistent with the importance of the text for your company.

The final translation price will always depend on its volume and language combination.

Along with the German translation services, in many cases you may also want to hire the proofreading and editing of the original texts when translating into this language.

Thus, you can avoid errors in the translation of the final document as a result of poor wording in the original text.

Translations into German

When it comes to German translations, it is important to know that this is one of the most complex languages in the world.

Therefore, translating into German any type of text or document for a company, whatever the industry, requires great precision and special dedication on the part of German translators with a high level of native-speaker competence in the field.

The grammatical structures of German, its declensions, punctuation …

All this requires having a team of German translators with a very broad background to meet your needs at all times.

To give you an example of the complexity of a German translation: in German, there is a tendency to form compound nouns that can be equivalent to five independent words in Spanish. Hence, it is essential to have a great command of the languages you are working with to be able to carry out the translation by making the necessary structural and grammatical turns of phrase.

In addition to the complexity that this entails for a good German translation, it should be noted that Germans are extremely demanding when it comes to the quality of texts in their language.

Thus, a translation that is not of sufficient quality, is not rigorously performed or contains some error can damage the prestige and credibility of your company in the eyes of the target audience.

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Clients of translations into German

Since our inception as a translation company specialising in German translations (and other languages), we have been translating texts into German for companies in very specific industries, such as:

  • the automotive industry and law firms;
  • pharmaceutical companies;
  • along with dozens of companies belonging to sectors such as hospitality, leisure and catering (a logical aspect due to the large influx of German tourists to our cities and coasts), as well as services.

We also translate documents into German for companies exporting and importing parts and spare parts between both countries, as well as purchasing and selling or manufacturing machinery.

As Spain and Germany have a high volume of business relations, we also translate into German for German and Spanish companies that need to establish solid long-term business relations on a contractual level.

As Germany is located in the centre of Europe and is one of the continent’s great economic powers, we also translate texts into German not only from Spanish, but also from languages such as French, English, Italian, Portuguese and Catalan, among others.

Types of translations into German

With regard to the type of German translation projects we carry out, we would like to highlight the translation into German of legal texts, including employment contracts, purchase and sale agreement, protected and confidential documents, confidentiality agreements between companies, etc.

Translations into German of technical manuals, product catalogues, drug leaflets and websites are also common.

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Native German translators

As we have mentioned above, since good German translations are so complex and addressed to such a demanding audience, at Planet Lingua we have put together a team of highly qualified German translators specialising in the fields required for any translation requested from us.

Planet Lingua works with: