agencia traduccion barcelona, agencia traduccion madrid
agencia traduccion barcelona, agencia traduccion madrid

Translations into Russian

Russian translation rate

  • To know the prices of translations of any language into Russian or vice versa, please ask us for a customised quote.
  • The translation will be reviewed by an experienced reviewer, who will ensure the linguistic suitability of the translated text.
  • A project manager will oversee and monitor the process closely to ensure maximum quality.
  • We apply discounts on translations into Russian, depending on the text length and repeating structures.

We offer you highly competitive prices for Russian translations, which can be adapted to your budget and the importance of the text or document to be translated for your company.

We also offer a proofreading and editing service for original texts, which guarantees even more the linguistic quality of the final text.

Translations into Russian

The Russian language is as beautiful as its Cyrillic alphabet, and this in itself brings a new complexity to a language with up to three different declensions.

Therefore, Russian translations of texts and documents require professionalism and experience from the translation company you hire, something that not all of them can offer you nowadays.

Since Russian is such a different language from Spanish, trust between the client and the company is especially important in this type of translation.

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Clients of translations into Russian

Due to the wonderful climate in Spain and the fact that many Russian companies find in this country a place to settle and do all kinds of business, we provide Russian translations for:

  • The hospitality industry, both with regard to websites and menus.
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories and companies in the health and wellness sector.
  • Real estate and service companies.
  • Law firms with contracts of all kinds and clients who need translations into Russian.
  • Communication, marketing and advertising agencies, among many others.

Types of translations into Russian

As a result of having large companies that have trusted us for more than 15 years, each of them with a wide range of Russian translation needs, we can offer you extensive experience and, therefore, all the confidence you need to carry out translations and reviews of:

  • Websites into Russian.
  • Legal translations.
  • Service and product catalogues.
  • Technical documents.
  • Confidential documents of all kinds.
  • As well as texts related to foreign trade.
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Native Russian translators

A good translator from Spanish into Russian is trained in at least 5 to 8 years of experience.

This very special feature requires us to be very strict with regard to the quality controls and tests our native Russian translators must pass to be able later on to reliably guarantee the quality of the Russian translations we provide.

Furthermore, in this type of project, once we have carried out a first translation of the text requested by the client, we guarantee its quality by having it undergo a second review stage, which ensures that the text has been perfectly translated.

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