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agencia traduccion barcelona, agencia traduccion madrid

Translations into English

Price of translations into English

    • For specialised texts (e.g. financial, legal, technical, medical/pharmaceutical texts), the rate can range from 0.09 to 0.12 euros.
    • Rates for Scandinavian, Eastern European, Asian and Arabic languages will vary according to subject area, document format, etc.
    • The translation will be reviewed by an experienced reviewer, who will ensure the linguistic suitability of the translated text. A project manager will oversee and monitor the process closely to ensure maximum quality.
    • We apply discounts on translations into English, depending on the text length and repeating structures.

The price we can offer for translations into English will depend on the importance of the translation for your company, as well as on the additional services you want to hire and the language combination you need.

We offer you the possibility of:

  • Customising the translation into English as much as possible.
  • Guaranteeing the highest quality (we recommend that you ask for our proofreading and editing services to avoid that the original text contains errors that could affect the translation quality).
  • Integrating the translation precisely in the media it is intended for, always tailored to your needs.

Translation into English

Translating into English is like translating into Esperanto.

Shakespeare’s language is essential and instrumental in the linguistic field and material of any company.

At present, it is very rare to find a company that does not know that its website must be perfectly translated into English, not only to attract clients who speak and read in this language, but also to convey an image of reliability, modernity and internationality.

Internet-driven globalisation is the main factor increasing this need.

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Clients of translations into English

Our agency's clients ask us for translations into English to meet several objectives.

To increase sales in foreign countries, to make a company known worldwide, to have a better corporate image, to improve institutional relations or for internal reasons.

We translate texts and documents into English for companies of different sizes and sectors, mainly Spanish companies that have wanted to go around the world to make themselves known outside the countries where Spanish is the local language.

Along with these companies, our clients also include Spanish companies that want to attract English-speaking foreign clients and visitors, or who are already in their portfolio and require communication that suits their language needs.

Types of translations into English

It is not hard to imagine that we have been translating into English since we started our journey in 2000.

During this time, we have translated all kinds of projects of different sizes and features.

Here are some examples:

  • Translation into English of agreements with suppliers and clients.
  • Purchase and sale offers.
  • Technical catalogues with a high level of specialisation in English.
  • Newsletters.
  • Technology and automotive catalogues.
  • Communiques and press releases.
  • E-mails in English.
  • Software, intranets, Android and iPhone applications.
  • Online stores.
  • English translations of websites and blogs.
  • Corporate magazines and advertising copies.
  • Annual reports and accounts.
  • Product brochures, labelling and packaging.
  • Media kits, film and television scripts.
  • Audio/video transcription and subtitling.
  • Training dossiers and e-learning courses.
  • Business and export documentation, among others.
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Native English translators

Before sending your text for translation into English, make sure you know which market it is intended for, whether it is the US, the UK or another market.

For greater success, it is essential to take into account the small nuances in an English translation, depending on the geographical region and target audience.

You should also make sure that the English translation company you hire has official certificates attesting to its reliability and rigour, that it features local translators capable of adapting each text to the target market and that it belongs to one of the main national and international translation associations.

Planet Lingua works with:

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