Presentations, corporate reports and HR documents

Translation of human resource documents, presentations and corporate reports

The translation of material such as agreements, documents for in-house training, as well as translations of minutes, in-house communiqués and job descriptions, are part of the daily work of the Human Resource Department within any company with employees in different countries.

At Planet Lingua, we know that correct translation of this type of material is key to improving the in-house relationships of your company with the employees. It is a clear and simple way to communicate with employees and let them express themselves in their language, so that communication becomes more fluent for both parties.

Our vast experience as translation providers for countless successful companies of different sizes and industries makes us very much aware of the relevance and impact this type of translation has on improving the working atmosphere within any company.

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Translations of: Minutes and internal communiqués; Human resource documents; Surveys and questionnaires, Corporate identity manuals; Corporate reports; Presentations.

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