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We are a language service provider headquartered in Barcelona, which was founded in Galicia in the year 2000 and offers document translations, software translations and website translations to companies.

We have translated millions of words and thousands of documents, hundreds of companies have entrusted us with their translation jobs, we are capable of translating from Spanish and Catalan into dozens of languages and vice versa, and we have a sound team of professional linguists.

Our aim is to become the exclusive translation provider of your company and actively help it progress and expand.

Thanks to our vast experience in different industries, company sizes as well as corporate development processes of a varied nature, we are aware of:

  • The importance of a good translation in order to optimise communication with your suppliers, employees, investors and shareholders, as well as public institutions and authorities.

Please refer to the upper section What we translate, where we show you the type of translations and language services we deliver to companies.

If you need to request a quote or to be informed on any of our translation services, contact us by means of our form, by email to or by telephone on +34 93 284 60 55.

Planet Lingua collaborates with:

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