Special translation packages

Special translation packages

During all these years in the translation business, we have noticed that our clients have seasonal translation needs. That is to say, each year or for specific reasons, they have to translate particular documents consisting of several files within the same subject area.

Therefore, we have created special translation packages. Thus, you may send us the whole file set to be translated, which we will include in the same project under special conditions that fit your needs.

Please find below some of our packages:

Special Auditing Package If you have to endure an auditing process each year, instead of translating all documents year after year, we suggest to work with a translation memory, which will allow you to translate only the new parts. This will afford you significant cost savings.

Special Export Package If you are preparing the launch of a product beyond our borders or if you have decided to open a branch abroad, you will have to translate and prepare a great deal of documentation. We help you in your internationalisation process and offer you interesting proposals to translate all your documents.

Special Tax Package Each year companies have to file their tax return with the tax authorities. If your company is headquartered abroad and you need to translate all your documentation, we suggest some formulas to save costs so as to make translations less expensive each year.

Special New workforce Package Each time somebody joins your company you have to translate their job description, the contract, the company rules, their CV, etc.? Do not worry: we translate the templates of all your documentation, hence taking advantage of the translated material.

Special Monthly Package If you have an array of small texts to be translated and are fed up with paying minimum rates, please contact us. We will create a project, where we will include all your small monthly translations, thus you will not have to bother about minimum rates.

Special Volume Package If your company has a large volume under way, please consult us. We apply discounts to high-volume translations and analyse the files to check if they include many repetitions. Thanks to our translation tools you will not have to pay again for repeated text.

Customised Package Do you have a different case from the above? Let us know what your needs are, and we will find the solution you are looking for.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you wish more information on these special packages, and we will inform you about our special conditions.

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Special packages: Auditing; Export; Treasury; New staff incorporation; Customised.

If you need to request a quote or to be informed on any of our translation services, contact us by means of our form, by email to info@planetlingua.com or by telephone on +34 93 284 60 55.