10 reasons

10 reasons to use our language services

ExpertiseThere are many reasons to trust Planet Lingua.

We have been operating since the year 2000, with everything this involves. Throughout these years, we have seen it all in terms of projects, hence we can assure you that we are true experts in corporate translations.


We are very proud of our long list of satisfied companies. Our aim is to continue to swell said list, hence we would like you to be part of it. Our clients are our best guarantee.


We are a team. And not just any team. We complement each other, are professionals and passionate about what we do. Freelance translators are also part of this team, thanks to whom we are able to cover a whole range of language pairs and offer translations of documents, software and websites to companies.


Our quality control is based on an efficient project management system, a great linguistic and technical command by the professionals entrusted with each project and an in-depth review prior to delivering the work done.


When translating we encounter all kinds of documents, at times, highly sensitive ones. We ensure professional discretion in each project. To strengthen this point we sign a non-disclosure agreement whenever necessary.


We are confident about the fact that a well-done translation has an undeniable impact when trying to improve your company’s corporate image and optimise your internal and external communication. It will help you consolidate and increase sales and is a key factor to expand into new markets. In short, translating is a winning investment strategy that will bring you great benefits.

Comprehensive services

Nowadays, you have to be an all-rounder. At Planet Lingua, we offer comprehensive translation, review, DTP and editing services. This way, you do not have to worry about anything, as we take care of everything.


The world of translation is a skein full of professionals and less professional workers. By actively participating in different associations and collaborating with several universities in the framework of schemes and conferences we differentiate ourselves and boost our professionalism.

Urgent jobs

We understand there are projects, where time is a key factor, hence we often find ourselves in the middle of a true time trial. This is our daily bread, whereas our motto is to deliver the best possible quality in the shortest time possible.


Although we are associated with a pen and a dictionary, times have indeed changed. We have evolved, and, at present, technology is also at the service of translation. At Planet Lingua, we are updated about the latest innovations, which we apply in our daily work in order to be able to offer you more for less.

If you need to request a quote or to be informed on any of our translation services, contact us by means of our form, by email to info@planetlingua.com or by telephone on +34 93 284 60 55.